Ulrich Schneider Art Advice

Art-market-related research & Mediation
In the buying and selling of artworks, trust is a key factor. Thanks to my long years of close association with the art trade, I can guarantee a reliable and professional service and save my clients from making expensive mistakes.
The value of an artwork is a very relative matter. Only by keeping a constant eye on the market and being networked with its databases is it possible to gain a true overview. My familiarity with the current state of the market and my historical knowledge of the markets allows me to assess a work‘s value and to make a prediction of its future value.

Jedes Kunstwerk braucht andere Konditionen in Luftfeuchtigkeit, Temperatur und Beleuchtung, um lange und gut erhalten zu bleiben. Die Pflege von Kunstwerken und deren Restaurierung bedarf der diplomierten Spezialisten, zu denen ich engen Kontakt pflege. Ordinary removal firms, alarm systems and household insurances are not suitable for valuable works of art. Here again, the expert’s good contacts with specialist businesses are useful.


In the background:
Big candle holder with Venus and Amor
Adrian Wickert
Augsburg, 1652 - 1653
Silver, partly gold plated, height 42 cm

This candle holder is part of a prominent private collection of European goldsmith's art which I accompanied consultatory during its development over the past 15 years.