Ulrich Schneider Art Advice

Following thirty successful years working for prestigious museums and exhibition institutions, I now offer the following services to my private clients

Art-historical research & Provenance research Art-market-related research & Mediation Advice

Art-historical research & Provenance research
In the most favourable scenario, a signature or a date will indicate who the artist was or when the work was created. However, if there is only a monogram or an artist’s mark, an expert has the requisite knowledge of the literature and the material, and can draw further conclusions from compositional principles, the particular nature of the subject-matter and other features. Similarly, my experience enables me to establish whether a work is an original, a copy or a fake. I can also set up collaborations with scientific specialists capable of determining the age and authenticity of the item.

Ich ermittle für Sie Vorbesitzer und frühere Eigentümer sowie der Auftraggeber von Kunstwerken. Particularly in recent times, many works of uncertain origin have become suspect. In such cases, my close links with official bodies and access to databases help to establish legal certainty.


In the background:
Big candle holder with Venus and Amor
Adrian Wickert
Augsburg, 1652 - 1653
Silver, partly gold plated, height 42 cm

This candle holder is part of a prominent private collection of European goldsmith's art which I accompanied consultatory during its development over the past 15 years.